A message from President Robin


It is a great honour for me to be President of the Rotary Club of Kettering Huxloe. This is the second time I’ve had the honour although the situation this time is very different due to the Covid pandemic.
Before I start to lay out my plans for the year, I would like to thank my two predecessors for their excellent efforts in steering this  club through the covid crisis. Eric’s year was going along great guns with plans in place for a lovely trip to the Isle of Wight and a great Charity Dinner amongst other things when Covid put paid to all these plans. Thankfully Eric had the technical skills to quickly master Zoom and set the club on a course to continue meetings successfully on that format.

Jonathan built on that foundation and as the complete Covid President has had a very successful year without ever having a complete face to face Rotary Club meeting. These successes under the circumstances need to be fully appreciated. Many clubs have become moribund but Kettering Huxloe has continued to be very active, especially in the community with Kids Out being the latest example. All this requires good leadership which happily the club has had and is reflected in the citations which the club has received for the last two years.
I would also like to thank ADG David Kendrick for all his help - he really does support his incoming presidents well.

My main aims for this Rotary year are FUN and FELLOWSHIP WITH FUNDRAISING EN PASSANT. After a year of Zoom I feel we need to meet face to face and have some fun. Diana and her team have many events planned and Covid permitting, we should soon be able to enjoy them.
We have suffered a great loss in Andrew Carnell’s passing but I have no doubt Edward will pick up the pieces and lead Comvoc to a very successful year.
Membership is a very important theme being emphasised from the President of RI down – “each one, bring one” is the aim. Our club has shrunk over the last two years despite it still being the second largest in the district. We need to stabilise and rebuild, and corporate and family memberships should provide some of the ways to do this.
Environment is also a key theme, and we are very lucky in this club to have such an active environmental officer in Kim.
Social media is very important these days and I hope to improve our club profile on these platforms. We will become a hybrid club - having our meetings primarily face to face but also on Zoom so those who cannot attend in person can do so on Zoom. The Hotel have agreed to this .
Also during this year following discussions with my successor Bill Parker we hope to lay plans for a project to obtain a Foundation Grant and to facilitate this I have merged Foundation with the International Committee under the Chairmanship of Robert Dixon. This will be at least a two year plan to give the club time to make the criteria for the Foundation grant.

There may be changes to all this over the year but I believe that under the various committee chairs and club council we have in place realistic plans for a successful year and my sincere thanks to all those who have accepted these roles.


Robin Lee

If you enjoy doing new things, meeting new friends, having fun and supporting your local community, organisations and charities, then you've come to the right place.....

The Rotary Club of Kettering Huxloe is one of over 1700 clubs in Rotary Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI). It was chartered in 1983 and today has over 40 members, drawn from a wide variety of business and professional backgrounds. The club meets every Tuesday evening (except after bank holidays) at the Kettering Park Hotel (with meal). 

Just a few things we’ve done recently…

We supported Isebrook SEN with a donation of £2000 to allow them to complete a conversion of their bungalow with a special kitchen.

We provided £2000 to Greenpatch to allow them to build on a Sensory room to provide a calming environment for children.

Our support of Young Carers has provided very welcome relief for many of these young heroes to transport them.


Our Jazz Lunch was another thoroughly enjoyable event that raised £700 of funds for International.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew we provided a Shelter Box at a cost of £590.

We supported the rebuilding of a special school in Nepal.


The 2017 Charity Dinner raised £10,500 which will be spent supporting local charities and organisations

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